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Liza Leiss - Life & Business Coaching

This website is created by Liza Marie Leiss, she’s the founder & owner of Liza Leiss Coaching.
All of her creations are dedicated to giving females an experience of their soul + purpose in order to build a sustainable business that supports the life of their wildest dreams.

Liza is an energy current that is not easy to pinpoint. A unique combination of the ever-moving breezy air, radiant activating fire and calming unshakable earthiness.

Sunbeams - Liza Leiss Coaching
Liza Leiss - Life & Business Coaching
She loves her independence. She dances to the beat of her own drum. She knows she is different and she is not trying to change that. She likes to create her own path and follow it. She is driven by anything that feeds her soul.

Liza Marie is taking genuine pleasure in getting to know other people on a deep soul level. This is what lights her up most. She feels a unique connection to older people. She is fascinated by new and other perspectives and likes to explore things and persons that challenge her. Her friends truly value Liza, appreciating her warmth, rich love, her radical honesty and sincere optimism and cheer she easily brings to the table.

Through Liza’s unbeatable infusion of inner-child healing*, shadow work, integrated leadership, feminine business, sales and marketing strategy, she’s helped over 60+ women and men transform their life and business from the inside out.

Working with 60+ individuals and groups on personal, spiritual and business matters has given her so much value, so much insights into how we function, what go-to patterns we follow and what our go-to-strategies are. One of her favorite reminders: everything in your life and business comes down to WHO you are BEING.

It has also given her the opportunity to come up with her own strategy to go deep, to break ego-walls and reprogram her client’s mind for sustainable inner growth that quickly manifests in their external reality as a sustainable business foundation to impact the world even more.

Liza’s core values are kindness, honesty, curiosity and zest.

Hi! My name is Liza Marie.

I’m 26 years old and from a little tiny village in Western Germany.

Back when I was a little girl, I knew that I wanted to see more of the world, different places, and other cultures. So, it only made sense to me, to go work in a restaurant when I was 14 and finance my first solo-trip to Azerbaijan when I turned 15. Little girl – big moves (with a few breakdowns hehe). Ever since I’ve been able to explore 31 countries on our beautiful planet. I’ve come to realize that the only way I maintain my zest for life is by doing what feels right to me. So, I usually follow my intuition (yep, the mind has been loud a few times) and my heart and I won’t be held down by anything or anyone anymore.

This hasn’t always been this way.

I founded Liza Leiss Coaching because I’m all too familiar with the experience of feeling stuck in your own mind. I was just a struggling 22-year-old with low self-confidence, no self-trust, no clear vision for my future, no ‘real’ goals, and no income.

I was my own obstacle, keeping myself from the life I D-E-S-E-R-V-E.

“No, no, no, no this is not who I want to be; enough is enough!” One day, I realized the mistakes I was making & decided to make a change. I committed to finally reconnecting with my inner self, discovered the deepest connection to my soul & began living a life in which I would value and forgive myself. I made the choice to consciously work on moving forward rather than continuing to circle my hamster wheel of self-doubt. Little did I know that this commitment & the intentional transformation of my words & choices would allow me to emerge from my self-pity within literally just a few weeks & become more courageous, empowered and lit up than I have ever been before.

Fast forward, I learned everything I could about personal development & soul connections, star seeds. I listened to all the podcasts, read books, and invested in my first mentorship with an old dutch lady AND started peeling my own conditioning onion.

Liza Leiss - Life & Business Coaching

My life turned around from this moment forward.

 I became clearer and clearer in what I am here for and created my long term vision to challenge the DO MORE society to BE more. This, I believed, back then, to achieve through developing strategies to improve the health of the culture in a company.

Quickly after researching and working with companies, I realized that I wanted to know more about the individual and to dive deep locally (employee) to expand globally (company). So, I set off on a mission to build my very own coaching & consulting business (in addition to completing my Master’s in Business & Leadership) in an effort to help female entrepreneurs to connect with their inner child and soul purpose and build a business based on their own unique soul calling. I strongly believe that everyone has a calling and that deep deep down we all know why we are here.

Our conditioning whatsoever makes it hard for us to remember. Our mind does not trust so much in the flow of life, thinking that it needs to be much more complicated than simply following what lights us up. I believe that until you answer this calling, you will always feel as though there is something missing and something you have forgotten.

No matter what you use to numb it out, it will be there.
I believe that in order to be a light in the world, you first need to come home to who you truly are and then courageously show it to the world. And by doing this, I truly believe that bit by bit you light up the lives of those around you, and one by one, you inspire them to light up too.

It’s the ripple effect. And before you know it, the world lights up too.

I’ve experienced the results of shifting my mindset, energy, surrender-game and business strategies firsthand and I feel so excited and honored to show you how to do it yourself!

Let me walk you through some mind chatter that was present to me:

Do You Know The Struggle Too?

Once the voice of your soul has been heard, it cannot be unheard. Everything that you have made visible through inner work, it cannot be invisible again.

Many clients come to me because things just are not working out for them. They want to start their business but feel stuck and don’t know what to do, where to start and simply feel paralyzed even after starting because often no clients are arriving at their door.

On top of this, they glorify the big business Instagram accounts who in their eyes “made it”. They are constantly drawn to shiny objects, because they too want to “magnetically attract clients, 10k months and live in abundance”.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that BUT they are all missing the essential piece.

Liza Leiss - Life & Business Coaching
Graphic | Liza Leiss - Life & Business Coaching

The piece to be ABLE to receive and HOLD their wildest dreams, their business visions and their fully abundant lifestyles.

It’s not only unclarity that keeps them stuck but a shitty money mindset, low self worth, people pleasing tendencies, imposter syndrome and a feeling of getting rid of shadow child (triggers, trauma, nasty habits). Even though they deep down know that they want long term success, it is hard for them to NOT get distracted by all the interesting offers out there that promise quick wins.

Another thought that pops up, on a regular:
“Who am I to do this?”
And “What should I even offer?”

Let me tell you, I have been t-h-e-r-e and it wasn’t easy to stop the constant mind chatter, to connect to my feminine (because the hustler felt safe & secure) & let the shiny objects go past me.

My days consisted of destructive behavior patterns and self-questioning. I was letting negative thoughts determine my day and my moods. With no clear idea about what to do next in life & biz, no purpose, no goals, and a lot of fear of what others might think of what I do, how I do it and/or how I look, I self-sabotaged me so much and kept me away from a life I D-E-S-E-R-V-E.

And as you know, we don’t like BS & bla bla here –
instead we love directness & honesty.

This also means being utterly honest with myself about anything and everything, including self sabotage, fear, doubt, and mindless scrolling.

I finally wanted to invite ease into my life again.

But it took me until I committed myself to being an embodiment from the highest version of myself.

Through embodiment and complete self-acceptance, forgiveness & energy work, I was able to release conditioning and limiting beliefs and put my energy into forward momentum instead.

This one day, I realized what I was doing and I decided to commit myself to finally reconnect with myself, my shadows, my light, my ancestors, my womb, my wounded masculine & feminine to integrate and become whole again and start living a life where I value myself, forgive myself and moving forward rather than being stuck in my hamster wheel.

Here is where I come in:

Fact is, you don’t have to figure everything out all by yourself.
In fact, you can take a shortcut to your dream life and business.

& I’m so super duper excited to show you how.

Here are ways to work with me:

1:1 Mentorship & Coaching | Liza Leiss Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Coaching with me means the focus is on you. This container enables you to dive deeper into your true self, your soul journey & soul business. We go to the roots & rewire your subconscious in order to build a strong, unshakable foundation.

1 spot left March 2022

Biz Bee Mastermind | Liza Leiss Coaching

Biz Bee Mastermind

Biz Bee Mastermind is designed to help you build an unshakable foundation for your biz. All things: biz pillars, offer creation, sales psychology, money mindset, content creation etc. From scratch to first clients with loving sisters! 
True Self Blueprint - TSB | Liza Leiss Coaching

Other Products & Services

Find out more about my coaching program called True Self Blueprint and get started with a certified Co-Coach. Alternatively, check out our Self-Study Course: The Authentic Self Academy.