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Step inside and discover next-level mentoring replete with every indulgence that’s exclusively yours {Masterclasses, Workshops, Trainings}

English ROOMS

Intuition Leading Forces

10 week Training 》When looking at leadership in your company, one key element is missing: access to the inner knowing. A reason for self-sabotage, thought circles, lack in trust & self-worth & lack in leading skills, feelings of unclarity, indecision, etc. – join the movement. 

Shapeshift Your Way

Leader-Identity-Reset 》The logical and energetic blueprint that actually makes the transformation stick  {NLP tools heavily used to record SM} 

The Divine Director

3 hrs Training 》Business and Life Lessons about clarity, love, energy, curiosity & the motivation to absolutely go for everything you desire. LoA 101.

Stay in Your Own Lane

3 hrs Training 》When dealing with the fear of missing out, of not being too much, the constant coach hopping etc – you will learn the codes to stay in your own lane.

German ROOMS

From middle-class to wealth

5 hrs Training 》Warum ist nicht jeder der ‘learn to think and grow rich’ gelesen hat reich? Middle Class to Wealth ist kein Money-Course sondern hilft dir dich radikal für Wealth zu öffnen und umzuprogrammieren.


Quick&Dirty Online Course 》To the leader who desires to know how to up-level (environments) & feel safe and unapologetic about it. Wenn wir wachsen, dürfen auch Aspekte unserer Umwelt mit wachsen. Learn how to feel held in the process.

Authentic Self Academy

6 Wochen Intensiv Online Kurs 》ASA ist dazu da, DIR zu helfen, die beste Version von dir selbst zu werden. Lass deine Ängste nach und nach los, verstehe dich und deine inneren Dynamiken besser & verändere dein Leben instantly.