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Sunbeams - Liza Leiss Coaching


The Sunbeam Amplifier | Liza Leiss Coaching

1:1 Container
Soulful Leader Amplifier

Coaching with me means the focus is on you. This container enables you to dive deeper into your true self, your gifts, your soul journey and your soul business. Sometimes, there are so many deep rooted limiting beliefs, generational trauma that keep you blocked from all that you desire, we go to the root and rewire your subconscious in order to build a strong, unshakable foundation. Some words about you: You are ready to make a commitment. You have a willingness to learn, grow, transform & step into your authentic power. You have a desire to serve & contribute to others.

Biz Bee Mastermind / Biz Starter | Liza Leiss Coaching

Golden Leader Mastermind

Golden Leader mastermind is designed to help you build an unshakable foundation for your biz. All things: biz pillars, offer creation, sales psychology, money mindset, content creation etc. From scratch to first clients with loving sisters! 

Events / Retreats / Guest Speaking | Liza Leiss Coaching

Events | Retreats | Guest Speaking

Are you looking for a facilitator for your own retreat, mastermind and/or membership who is certified and experienced in moving participants out of their heads and back into their hearts and inner knowing?