Soulful LEader Amplifier

1:1 Container

A 12 week transformation for the courageous leader who is willing to be at the frontline of change.
This being said it’s for souls who want to have a massive impact on this world & share their gifts with us all


Liza Leiss

 You know there is more to life.

You have connected already with your inner self and soul but are waiting for the next sign to get going. Once the voice of your soul has been heard, it cannot be unheard. It wants you to MOVE. It wants you to allow yourself to really step into your biggest, brightest self and build the business that your soul desires so much.

Welcome to my sacred 1:1 mentorship.

Energetic Disclaimer: The energy of my soul is most important to me. And for me to honor her, I only offer 2 x 1:1 spots at a time to fully be in my best, most activating and calibrating energy.

Within this high-touch, soul-deep 1:1 mentoring we are working 12 weeks on building a strong connection to your soul, stepping into your LEADER role, integrating your inner child, releasing conditioning & limiting beliefs that still keeps you stuck in your mind (money, business, childhood), scaling your soul business with marketing, content, sales & launching strategies as well as embodiment & energy rituals.

My goal is for your light to shine bright, unapologetically. To move past money beliefs and allow yourself to receive abundance & freedom with sharing your gifts. To be comfortable being seen. To establish a rock solid foundation for your soul business so that your feminine feels safe in her masculine.

Liza Leiss - Life & Business Coaching

Who is this for?

female entrepreneurs who believe in soul calling, the universe and quantum leaping aka making major moves and taking aligned action.
fierce hustlers with big dreams who are committed to her growth and expansion and see their responsibility to pave their path but struggle to implement ease
》 soul sisters who want an even deeper understanding of themselves and want to invite lightness, ease, balanced energies, clarity and want to learn how to surrender to their soul callings
sunbeams who are ready to share their light with the word and make her brighter
》 lightworkers who are devoted to follow the double mission: to raise their own consciousness and the one of the planet

Feels like I am talking to you?
No coincidence. Because I am.

What you will receive during our time:

proximity is power, we collapse time so you can go deeper and rise higher in a quantum leap
12 weeks of focus on YOU & your wildest dreams (soul inquiries, biz, personally chosen topics)
7 x 1:1 Calls via Zoom OR in person (+exclusive access to other offers, by invitation)
Daily support access (I’m in your back-pocket!)
》Access to all course materials, masterclasses, meditations past & launched
》Liza’s relentless honest, gentle & fierce energy as well as her experiences

Liza is high-level mentor and usually booked out for months. 1:1 starts at mid 5 figures.



Hi, it’s Liza Marie, the founder of Liza Leiss Consulting.

I’ve always found it hard to nail down what I do, but simply put, I am an expert in all things: leadership, business, energy & soul. In particular: inner child work, shadow work, ego tammer, inner self-trust, building and scaling of service based businesses, deep soul and energy work, trigger-informed coaching etc.

The mission of Liza Leiss Consulting is to challenge the ‘do more’ society to ‘BE more’. We are entering a time in history when inauthenticity no longer stands a chance. It is therefore in my greatest honor to enable (to be) female entrepreneurs to see their uniqueness and create a soul-aligned & absolutely fulfilling life and business wilder than their wildest dreams.

I truly believe that every decision we make either takes us closer or further away from ourselves. This is why I am so dedicated and devoted to holding space to release conditioning, childhood wounds and limiting beliefs so that you can tune into what (decisions) feel aligned with your unique desires vs. what you think you want based on other people’s life & biz. In this way, I follow my soul’s calling more: to impact the collective even more.

The world needs more leaders who courageously step up, speak up & guide the way. You are a rare gift. You have the ability to devote your life to whatever you wish. So, what do you want your legacy to be?

Human Design: Generator 5/2
Myers Briggs: ENFJ-T
🌞 Sagittarius   ⬆️ capricorn   🌙 Cancer

Liza Leiss


Meet Lala

Where to BEGIN?!

For a while I was scared to take the leap into investing into Liza’s coaching program, but what I have
learnt about myself over the last few months, the development and growth that my inner self have
gone through, only goes to show that you simply cannot put a price tag on a process such as this. A
process that will influence a LIFETIME. What Liza has created with her program is a true gift. With her modules and coaching sessions, she dares you to delve deeply within, and draws out parts of
yourself you never knew needed caring for. Her modules not only heal, but they foster clarity, awareness, courage, and growth. I have learned to push myself out of my comfort zone and have seen and FELT the benefits. You receive what you GIVE out! And I only want to do it more and more! I have revived self-acceptance and self-love within, something I had lost along the way somewhere, but Liza has helped to guide me back. She has given me tools to manage trigger moments so that they no longer overcome and dominate me. And miraculously, some of those triggers have entirely ceased to be triggers.


Liza listens without judgement. She asks the tough questions, while all the time radiating love and compassion. She has changed my life. Fullstop. And she will change yours! Liza, I am so grateful for you. Thank you for using your gift to help us be the best versions of ourselves.

Meet Morgan

“To start with Liza’s nature and intention, because that was the most important for me in a lot of ways. It is very difficult for me and I guess for many other people to speak openly with another person about a lot of the things you might talk about with Liza, goals that are very personal to you or anxieties you have, because it is just a very vulnerable thing to do.

She really set a foundation, that allowed me to feel safe and secure with everything that I brought up that was related to the goals that we were discussing, which was so important to me.

A lot of the things you talk about are challenging, she’s very good in asking you to push yourself, she’s very good in challenging you and she’s also very gentle while she does this and she asks you to be gentle with yourself and forgiving with yourself. It was really important that she was there reminding me to do that regularly.

She very much cares about and about the outcome you hope for yourself. It was very apparent to me even to the extend after we spent hours together, finishing techniques, she dedicated more time. And brought all these other things to the table, that she thought would in particularly helpful for me after everything she took from our session that we actually had planned. She’s very dedicated to the role that she can play for you.”

Meet Larissa

Hey, ich bin Larissa, bin 24 Jahre alt und komme aus Baden-Württemberg. Bevor ich angefangen habe mit Liza zu arbeiten, hatte ich ein geringes Selbstwertgefühl, war sehr perfektionistisch, ich wusste nicht so wirklich was ich aus meinem Leben machen möchte und was ich gut kann. Ich hab mich vor allem erst in meinem Beruf und auch irgendwann privat ständig gestresst und unter Druck gefühlt. Obwohl ich mich selbst schon viele Monate mit Persönlichkeitsentwicklung beschäftigt habe und ab und an Coachings besucht habe, kam ich nicht weiter. Zufällig bin ich über Insta mit Liza ins Gespräch gekommen und hab mir nach einer Weile ihr Programm angesehen. TSB klang für mich optimal. Trotzdem war ich am Anfang natürlich skeptisch, ob das Coaching wirklich den gewünschten Erfolg bringt, sie mir helfen kann und ob ich mich einer total fremden Person überhaupt ausreichend öffnen kann. Nach unserem ersten kurzen Kennlerngespräch hatte ich ein positives Gefühl und hab mich kurzerhand entschlossen es einfach zu machen. Das war die richtige Entscheidung, denn im Anschluss war ich erstaunt wie intensiv wir Themen behandelt haben. Obwohl ich mich mit dem ein oder anderen Thema selbst schon beschäftigt habe, hab ich es erst durch Liza richtig verstehen und umsetzen können. Außerdem hat sie mir immer ein total gutes Gefühl gegeben. Im Laufe des Programms hab ich selbst und auch mein Umfeld eine positive Veränderung festgestellt. Jetzt wo ich alle Strategien implementiert habe, hat sich mein Selbstwertgefühl enorm gesteigert, ich hab gelernt Grenzen zu ziehen und auch mal Nein zu sagen, mir ist bewusst geworden was ich gut kann und was ich aus meinem Leben machen möchte, ich hab mich meinen Ängsten gestellt und neue Hobbys entdeckt. Insgesamt bin ich jetzt viel ausgeglichener, positiver, mir ist die Meinung anderer nicht mehr so wichtig und ich fühle mich einfach wohl. Also für jeden der sich in sich selbst noch nicht wohl fühlt, sich mehr vom Leben wünscht und etwas verändern möchte oder verunsichert ist, empfehle ich, sich mit Liza zu verbinden und ein Coaching auszumachen. Du wirst es nicht bereuen, sondern dir selbst dankbar sein!
Sunbeams - Liza Leiss Coaching

The Soulful Leader Amplifier

Who do you trust to call your SOUL forward into your next evolution as a sought-after leader in order to fully step into your brightest and biggest light & power?


Apply now for this  12 week sacred 1:1 mentoring and we will hop on call to feel into our energy and intuition because she always knows best.

PS: On the call, I’ll get to know you, ask some questions about your journey, and learn about your goals. At the end of our call, 1 of 2 things will happen: You’ll either be a perfect fit and an absolute energy match, and I will invite you to go on a journey back to yourself with me and work with me as one of my clients… 

Or, if it’s not a good fit, that’s totally okay too. There won’t be any hard feelings and NO obligations on your part — I will suggest something else you can do to achieve your goals, and point you in the right direction.

I can’t wait to meet you so soon sunbeam!

Graphic | Liza Leiss - Life & Business Coaching