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12-week transformational mentorship for ambitious individuals in their mid 20s to mid-30s

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what if…

  • What if… you felt more confident than you imagined you could feel in both yourself as a person & in your abilities?
  • What if… you could feel lighter, empowered & even excited about the future, even and especially if it is uncertain, in order to do the things that you want?
  • What if… you were able to prioritize yourself in order to first fill up your own cup and therefore feel fully able to support those around you completely…
  • Would you like to know who you truly are & what you actually want to do?

 without being worried about what others think, without feeling guilty, without feeling unworthy and without destroying the harmony in any relationship?

Liza Leiss - Life & Business Coaching


When most individuals in their mid-20s to mid-30s
are looking to feel good enough,
the pattern that unfolds far too often is this:

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  • They feel uncomfortable and unhappy with their current reality and realize that something isn’t right.
  • They want to handle ‘it’ independently & turn to their smartphones. They look to Google & social media. They start following inspirational people who make them feel motivated and empowered again. Too often, they get lost in their feed & lose sight of their original intentions in opening the app.
  • Even if they may uncover the inspiration and motivation they hoped to find, they struggle to actually apply the knowledge discovered in their own lives. 
  • This is when the self-doubt sinks in again: “I am such a failure. I can’t even translate the success and inspiration I see to my own life. Why does everyone understand except me?”
  • Sadly, this is only the beginning of the negativity. It becomes far too easy to feel like a failure, for self-worth to diminish & for self-blame to flourish. The smallest of mistakes quickly feel enormous when high standards exist alongside such little support.

Eventually, these individuals give up. I don’t blame them!
Feeling stuck sucks.

But it DOES NOT have to be this way!


Hi! I’m Liza Marie and I founded The True Self Blueprint because I’m all too familiar with the experience of feeling stuck in your own mind. I was just a struggling 23-year-old with no self-confidence, no self-trust, no clear vision for my future, no goals, and no income.
I was my own obstacle, keeping myself from the life I
D-E-S-E-R-V-E. “No, no, no, no this is not who I want to be; enough is enough!” One day, I realized the mistakes I was making & decided to make a change. I committed to finally reconnecting with my inner self & begin living a life in which I would value and forgive myself. I made the choice to consciously work on moving forward rather than continuing to circle my hamster wheel of self-doubt. Little did I know that this commitment & the intentional transformation of my words & choices would allow me to emerge from my self-pity within just a few weeks & become stronger & more empowered than I have ever been before.
So, I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about personal development & self-empowerment (in addition to completing my Master’s in Business) in an effort to become a full-time coach helping individuals in their mid-20s to mid-30s build carefree, self-respecting & fun lives in which they re-establish their self-confidence & always feel good enough.
Liza Leiss - Life & Business Coaching

The truth is, you don’t need to figure everything out on your own & over the course of 5 years like I did. You can indeed take a shortcut to your goals & I am happy to show you the way! I’ve created this program to teach my signature methodology that has allowed me to cultivate the true self-love, unshakable self-trust & consistent confidence that we all deserve. That is how “The True Self Blueprint” was born & why I am so very passionate about it!

But wait – i am not alone!

As True Self Blueprint has already served us for almost 1 ½ years now, my head coach: Daniela is taking over the 1:1 support and guidance.  This means that all the calls are with her. She is a certified Head Coach who is trained by me personally to achieve a transformation that blows your mind!!!!
Headcoach from Liza Leiss - Life & Business Coaching

Hi sunbeam! So nice to meet you!!!

I’m Daniela and I am the Sub-Coach at Liza Leiss Coaching. I will be supporting and guiding you through your holistic transformation with True Self Blueprint.
I was at the same place just as you are right now – no clue WHO I truly was at my core, WHAT I wanted to do with my life and what I even WANTED from my life.
As I realized that the main point truly was and always has been in recognizing – “Who am I and Who I want to be” – it kind of clicked. Suddenly massive changes were happening from finishing my Bachelors, starting my COaching Certificate, Leaving a relationship … This rollercoaster called life is truly amazing when being able to navigate emotions, triggers, negative thoughts etc.
And this is exactly what I am here for: to support YOU on YOUR own journey. Within True Self Blueprint, we will be working together closely, and I will your Cheerleader and BS-Radar. I want to help you transform yourself, gain deeper knowledge about yourself and build the self-trust you deserve.

Who i work with:

I have found that my system works best for these three groups of people:

Ambitious individuals in their mid-20s to mid-30s who share an ‘investment mentality’ and will do whatever it takes to grow and change. Driven individuals looking to…


Feel secure in themselves, their decisions and the uncertainty of the future.


Become more independent and self-confident in order to give themselves their own permission to move forward in life, regardless of what other people think or how they react.


Find balance in their perfectionistic habits and use them to their advantage.

WHY am i different?

Liza Leiss - Life & Business Coaching
  • I’ll give you proven systems & structure to discover the most authentic YOU & your core values.
  • I’ll teach you how to develop your interpersonal skills & the mindset needed to overcome any mental blocks.
  • I’ll provide you with essential self-care routines to ground you and stabilize your inner-peace.
  • I’ll support you with unlimited daily WhatsApp communication & bi-weekly coaching sessions (in nature).
  • I’ll provide you with deep-diving homework, eye-opening breakthroughs and thorough feedback.
  • I’ll support you in facing childhood traumas + your inner child.
  • I’ll teach you how to develop sustainable short-term & long-term goals that will help you establish & enjoy your most healthy, happy and aligned life.
  • I’ll provide you with proven NLP & EFT techniques that will help you better understand yourself & your reactions.
  • I’ll teach you how to let go off people-pleasing habits & start prioritizing yourself without feeling guilty.
  • I am 111% results-driven – you get lifetime access to the material.

I care deeply for your inner fulfilment, purpose, mission & holistic transformation.

I value your goals like I would value my own.

how it works

STEP 1 | INTROSPECTION: Forgive The Past.

In Week 1 and 2, we’ll get to know YOU, what experiences have shaped you, what is important to you, what your strengths are. We’ll meet your inner child and past self and uncover the root causes of your self-limiting beliefs, perfectionism, self-sabotage, and other behavioral patterns that prevent you from reaching your goals. We’ll also identify your highest self. This is a scientific methodology that will show you how to re-wire your brain to adapt the mindset of your highest self and, most importantly, ACT like it too.

STEP 2 | Clarity: Identify Your Inner Peace

We’ll reverse your underlying limiting beliefs and build up empowering affirmations that align with your highest self. You’ll learn how to forgive both your past self and others in order for you to overcome your past stories. You’ll adopt a clear vision of your different life areas and how to balance these areas ideally in order to find your inner peace.

STEP 3 | Self-Discovery: Live The Present

You’ll learn how to transform your weaknesses into strengths and use your perfectionist traits to your advantage. You’ll identify your current ideas what you want to do in your life and create an overview of all your skills sets, knowledge and talents and utilize this to set realistic goals. This will allow you to develop and cultivate healthy daily self-care rituals & routines as well.

STEP 4 | Empowerment + Fulfilment: Create The Future

During this step, you’ll relinquish your people-pleasing tendencies and define your very own personal policies. They will help you prioritize yourself first. You’ll create your first vision board and we’ll break it down into achievable action steps. This step is all about productivity and how you can make the most of your time.

STEP 5 | Self-Accountability + Happiness: Face The Now

We’ll create a roadmap and set you up with essential time & energy management techniques to help you feel ready, secure & excited to face the future’s uncertainty. You’ll create a mindset of growth & success so you can take the next steps with faith & fun, not fear. By this point, you’ll have become the YOU that feels lighter, more motivated, more self-loving & compassionate. This acceptance will allow you to relax into your power & move through any circumstances with clarity and confidence.

True Self blueprint

The True Self Blueprint is a 12-week, high touch coaching program that gives you 1-on-1 support to help you achieve your specific goals in a way that works with your busy schedule.

12 weeks of detailed and individualized curriculum
6 x Bi-weekly 60 minutes coaching sessions
Video modules, weekly homework, worksheets and thorough feedback
Daily and unlimited support via What’s App
Access to additional valuable resources to help you grow even more

Investment: 3333,-€ (Payment Plans Available, just ask)

Liza Leiss - Life & Business Coaching & Daniela


Meet Corinna

“I am so grateful to have committed to the three-months coaching: True Self Blueprint with Liza. I learned so so much about myself. It’s fascinated what Liza has started/moved inside of me. She is truly amazing. I am so incredibly grateful and happy that our paths have crossed & I would work with her again, again & again. Because I feel the change so deeply and powerfully. It was an incredibly great and inspiring time & I gained a lot of helpful tools & inspirations for my daily life. An incredibly great woman who does an incredibly great job! It’s was the best thing that has ever happened to me – and I don’t just say this – I MEAN it. I am 100% convinced that Liza’s work is worth any investment because you are amazing, that’s unbelievable, really.”

Meet Lala

Where to BEGIN?!

For a while I was scared to take the leap into investing into Liza’s coaching program, but what I have
learnt about myself over the last few months, the development and growth that my inner self have
gone through, only goes to show that you simply cannot put a price tag on a process such as this. A
process that will influence a LIFETIME.

What Liza has created with her program is a true gift. With her modules and coaching sessions, she dares you to delve deeply within, and draws out parts of
yourself you never knew needed caring for. Her modules not only heal, but they foster clarity, awareness, courage, and growth.

I have learned to push myself out of my comfort zone and have seen and FELT the benefits. You
receive what you GIVE out! And I only want to do it more and more! I have revived self-acceptance
and self-love within, something I had lost along the way somewhere, but Liza has helped to guide me
back. She has given me tools to manage trigger moments so that they no longer overcome and
dominate me. And miraculously, some of those triggers have entirely ceased to be triggers.


Liza listens without judgement. She asks the tough questions, while all the time radiating love and compassion. She has changed my life. Fullstop. And she will change yours! Liza, I am so grateful for you. Thank you for using your gift to help us be the best versions of ourselves.

Meet Morgan

“To start with Liza’s nature and intention, because that was the most important for me in a lot of ways. It is very difficult for me and I guess for many other people to speak openly with another person about a lot of the things you might talk about with Liza, goals that are very personal to you or anxieties you have, because it is just a  very vulnerable thing to do.

She really set a foundation, that allowed me to feel safe and secure with everything that I brought up that was related to the goals that we were discussing, which was so important to me.

A lot of the things you talk about are challenging, she’s very good in asking you to push yourself, she’s very good in challenging you and she’s also very gentle while she does this and she asks you to be gentle with yourself and forgiving with yourself. It was really important that she was there reminding me to do that regularly.

She very much cares about and about the outcome you hope for yourself. It was very apparent to me even to the extend after we spent hours together, finishing techniques, she dedicated more time. And brought all these other things to the table, that she thought would in particularly helpful for me after everything she took from our session that we actually had planned. She’s very dedicated to the role that she can play for you.”

Meet Alysa

“I had a deep-dive session with Liza, which I really loved. First of all, Liza has a beautiful warm personality that made me feel very comfortable from the start. Next, Liza has amazing coaching skills! She asked the right questions to let me reflect and look at things differently which I found really helpful. She also helped me create small actionable steps to be able to step out of my comfort zone. After our session I received an email from Liza with a summary of our session and the action steps we created together with some extra questions to reflect on which was very valuable. I highly recommend working with Liza!”

Self Care Coach | Netherlands

Meet Johanna

“I find it super exciting to discover how the human brain and especially how the subconscious mind works, and I therefore really appreciate the work of coaches. Liza asks the right questions and made me aware that everything is OK (how I feel it or how I act) and helped me to dive deeper into my beliefs.

It also helped me a lot to find out what I want to focus on in different areas of life and why I want to do so. Thanks so much. After our discovery session, I felt clearer and I am still thinking about the questions you asked me. In addition, she took the time and put a lot of effort into following up the call and writing me a detailed email. With this alone I will be able to work much further on myself and use it in my daily life. Thank you! I didn’t expect THIS and don’t take it for granted, because has given me so much clarity. “

Automotive Project Manager | Germany

Meet Roel

“I’m Roel (28) from the Netherlands and have been coached by Liza during Lockdown in New Zealand,2020. I felt restless about my future and didn’t know what I wanted to do. In the short time of the lockdown she helped me to get more clarity in what I want in my nearby future, by direct coaching and exercises. Liza’s open and comfortable coaching made me feel way more relaxed and confident about myself. She really took her time for me which show’s how supportive she is for people. After the sessions she kept checking how I was doing and wherever needed she would be there for me. All together she definitely has been of a of big value for me.”

Consultant | Netherlands

I would love to share all of the testimonials on here, because there are so many. You will find dem on a separate page.

I am so proud of my clients to go beyond discomfort and
make a decision to invest time, money and energy in themselves.

Liza Leiss - Life & Business Coaching

Let’s rise together!


Graphic | Liza Leiss - Life & Business Coaching

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