Liza M. Leiss

the degree of our aliveness
depends on the degree of your awareness

You cannot change that which you cannot see.

You cannot create that which you don’t know is available.

You cannot experience that which you don’t believe is possible.

You cannot fully enjoy that which still runs on scarcity.

Let's CHANGE that.
if you look at the world, it needed you yesterday.

Programs  by  Liza Leiss  attract
women & leaders who are ready to go all in

with their dreams, with their hearts, with their intuition

They want to grow sustainably as women and entrepreneurs at a fast pace.

They are willing to learn to walk with fear and make the best out of their lifetime >>> exponentially, experimentally and wholeheartedly.

They know that they can have it all. They know it starts within them & they’re ready to change the narrative to make JOY the baseline of life.

sustainable | heartfull | scalable

Teaching sustainable methods that help you massively scale your life & business resulting in higher awareness, wealth & fun.

no Fluff. no bs. no arm length.

no needing more but desiring.

not many agree with me – because the old way still makes a looot of money & that’s okay.

In marketing, using pain points >> works

In sales, using NLP techniques >> works

In relationships, connecting via wounds >> works

In the Pharma industry, selling pills instead of ginger shots*  >> works

…ever tried connecting through love, choice, abundance, desires?

be part of the  change, shifting the paradigm  and create ripples beyond imagination.

you know…I have always been the type of person who asked: BUT WHY? Why do I have to use pain points? Can’t people also connect differently with me? BUT WHY does business and leadership need to be boring and hard? Why can’t we do it playfully, with passion and absolute devotion and commitment? BUT WHY does personal development and healing need to feel like an exhausting never ending circle when it could also simply be an interesting exploration? …

FOR THE WOMAN WHO simply wants more out of her lifetime…Fun, Joy, Passion, Curiosity, Wealth.

FOR THE WOMAN WHO doesn’t quite fit the status quo. The norm. YOU DESERVE TO WAKE UP EVERY DAY STOKED to be alive, so EXCITED & PROUD of the life & business you have created and the IMPACT you’re making. Oh the sweet future…