Liza M. Leiss

Meet the founder...

earthy luxury
intuition above all else
fun and adventurous
bougie because why not
over 1000 students served
does life differently
always reaches for the stars
wholesome +7fig biz
traveling and exploring since always
infectious laughter
leading soulfully
follows her heart relentlessly
ambitious AF and ready to leave the world better than she found it in

Liza Marie Leiss is a leadership, lifestyle and business mentor for heart-centered entrepreneurs. Respectively, she works with personal brands and international CEO’s, helping them achieve heart coherence while scaling to global impact. She loves the art of writing and is about to publish her first book. She frequently is asked to speak in Mastermind on Intuition in Leadership and aims to become a global speaker.

She’s on a mission to help leaders to connect to their heart, follow joy, and expand human potential through leading soulfully and don’t taking any bs. 

conscious upbringing X business degree

growing up, going to women and men circle at a young age, Liza M. has always been exposed to new ways of life, open-minded perspectives… That there is more to life, that awareness and love is the answer to positive change. Going into her Bachelor and Master Studies in Business and Leadership, Liza starts to gather understandings about decreasing sales & an increased employee retention rate being more often than not directly linked to the inability to lead – so she saw an opportunity to change that, wanting to help improve leadership skills in order to improve the company’s mental health score to ultimately result in more motivated employees, less retention & more sales.



After this, she sets off on a mission to collect data to understand humans better, how consciousness and the connection to our own heart and intuition can help shift the way we talk the talk about leadership and start walking it. She takes her role as a leader very seriously and becomes a well known mentor and coach, booked out for 1 year in advance to help entrepreneurs not only find their balance, truly act from heart space only but also create profitable businesses. 


She goes beyond discomfort again and again to understand, learn, better and improve the way she can teach and lead to create a soulful ripple effect beyond her own imagination. Fast forward today, Liza has created a 7-fig mentoring and coaching business, supporting individuals in their personal, spiritual and entrepreneurial journey.


Her signature methodology of {inner world x bridge x outer world} is weaved in all of her programs, such as The Soulful Leader or The Conscious Business Builder etc.

She is only at the beginning of creating the offering helping over 1.000.000 people reconnect in order to become the healthiest, happiest & most aligned versions of themselves in life & business.

“To me, life is supposed to be fun and so is business. 

It is not coming from a naive childlike perspective (hello doubters)- it is coming from a place of consciousness that allows us to grow beyond limitations, beyond restrictions. It is the maturity of knowing thyself. 


I believe in challenging the “do more society” to  BE more. 

You see, all your doing happens through your being -so, it is simply and solely always about who you are being, every moment of every day. 

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

To me, it is about actually walking the talk. And not talking the talk.

I want to see you fully embodied.
Beyond excited to be alive.

I want to see you thrive.
Beyond thrilled to live your wildest dreams.

I want to see you exponentially grow (wealthy) as within so without.”

FOR leaders WHO DESIRE   THE  ‘IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE’ EXTRAORDINARY LIFE,  TRANSCENDENT  IMPACT,    internal & external wealth  and  expansional transformation