Liza M. Leiss

The most powerful shifts
happen in person.

The digital century has taught us unlimited connectivity
– yet – zoom cannot replace the honest hug, right?

It is about the graceful observation of how a person carries herself and how we feel in one’s presence. It is about the absolute clarity of another person’s energy and our body’s response to it. Shifts automatically happen while being in one room…

{so we make it very intentional, who we choose to be in a room with}

{à la, “You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with,”}

snapshots of an intimate women retreat a few years ago

Events, Retreats, Summits, Speaking

from planning weddings in Castles, to organizing international events for Hugo Boss AG, to hosting my own retreats internationally, or speaking in front of 1000's people . . .

There is so much magic, that lays in creating an experience that one never forgets. Being the visionary and seeing things unfold. Speaking and teaching only to see the shifts within seconds.

Magic lays in presence.
Being present in presence is golden.
We aim for the gold standards. Always.

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Topics Liza is known to speak about…

》Feminine Entrepreneurship
》Heart Coherence in Business
》Intuition in Leadership
》Intuitive Embodiment
》Conscious Business Growth
》Earthy Luxury Methodology