Liza M. Leiss

Our Company Voice

What began as a one-woman show with no idea how to monetize her business grew organically to a million dollar business in just two years!

Liza has now worked with thousands of clients around the world, hosted sold-out global retreats, spoke on stage and runs an incredible team.

the massive growth of our heart-centered company has only been possible through the rock-solid and unwavering belief that it was possible & our remarkable company voice

our company values

Earthy Luxury

Earthy Luxury means we align every move that we make to the uniqueness of nature in her abundance, richness and longevity. Luxury appreciates not only beauty but it is intentionally curated. Every service offer is uniquely curated for you, with high attention to quality and love.


We help everyone in the company (to learn) to trust in the unfolding of things WHILE steering the wheel. The art of surrendering helps us stay humble in the pursuit of challenging the humanity to see the world through the lens of love, fun, and excitement.

Honest interest

We want you everyone to win. We believe if we genuinely are creating a better world, we must do so – together. We are honestly interested in who you are and how we can support you to be even more of you. There is no hidden agenda, but pure collective forward movement into a world that priorities love over separation.


We encourage everyone in this company to tap into their childlike essence. To make joy the ingredient in anything and everything we be & do. “How can we make this more fun?” is a question we ask ourselves consistently, especially when we do things that are important and ‘boring’ tasks. In this company, we create out of joy and fun.


In a world, where our attention span gets shorter and shorter, we have committed ourselves to be present. With every task we do, with every interaction we have and conversation we hold. Presence to us is key to genuine interest, outstanding quality and smooth forward movement. We also believe that presence is what keeps us sustainably growing fast.

Ability to respond

Everyone acts in their best ability to respond to any situation. We help each other gain more ability with every day that passes. We are determined to grow and better ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves to best serve our community and be in the best energetic, mental, physical, emotional state possible to create ripples beyond our imagination.

our wish for you...

You are free. Internally. You are also free, externally. With every step and every breath that you take, you create exponential internal and external freedom, joy, fun and wealth. Systems support you. People support you. You are always guided. You are always supported. You have a huge team seen and unseen around you who truly are there for you.

We see your spark. We see your drive. We see it even when you cannot. Just like yourself, we want to impact the world through joy, fun and love. And we are here to help you step up your game, the art of living, of trusting, leaping, growing & surrendering.

As within, so without.

FOR leaders WHO DESIRE   THE  ‘IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE’ EXTRAORDINARY LIFE,  TRANSCENDENT  IMPACT,    internal & external wealth  and  expansional transformation 

our company mission & vision

As of 2019: Our mission is to challenge the ‘do-more’ society. We believe in empowering others to be-more and reconnect with themselves in order to become the healthiest, happiest and most aligned version of themselves.

Our vision is to bring inspiration and empower individuals and businesses to make a greater impact in their life and in this world. Our long-term vision for this heart-centred company is to make mental health improvement efforts universally accessible {aka let the intuition game begin!!!}

“Liza Leiss” is a  soulful leadership  brand
which is based on love, lightness, simplicity, freedom and fun.

if you look at the world, it needed you yesterday.