Liza M. Leiss


entrepreneurship is one big leap.

many have understood it, most have not. 

which most likely explains why only 1% of entrepreneurs are not only profitable but also *actually* living their dream.

there is a difference between 

taking immature risk AND leaping with maturity.    

the latter comes down to trust & intention, the other comes down to the lack of ability to respond to the external and the lack of connecting the dots.    

introducing you to...

what if we bring back entrepreneurship? 

The Drive, The Fun, The Passion, 
The Non-Negotiable, The Accountability
The Devotion, The Flow, The Creativity

AND add:

Genuine Companionship
w/ healthy simulation games?

The New Experience.






The Millionaire Experiment. 

Imagine this…

You enter the arena, the security guard asks you ‘are you participating?’

You know your answer.

You are brave, committed, and so willing to do good by letting go of what’s ordinary. Your vision is bigger than ‘I’ and you are willing to make not only yourself win the prize but everyone around you, too.
You quickly answer: “I am a participant”.

Nervous, and excited, pinching yourself in your own hand, so he wouldn’t really notice how much your heart is racing.” WHAT THE ACTUAL?” 

Being the woman in the arena, is something you have been wanting for so long but there was just never the time {until you understood – there is always just one moment} now. You came back to your childlike self, who loved to explore, have fun and challenge herself in the best way possible, deeply knowing one day: I’m gonna do big, for myself first and then others.

This time though, you know: you mean it.

It is not about dreaming anymore, it is actually what you are here for – in the arena.

At the next station you get to choose your team. The teams are divided into the four primary elements of nature {air, fire, water, earth}. These elements will be guiding and challenging you in the arena throughout the experiment to become the best and philanthropic entrepreneur possible – you just have no idea, what this means, are you willing to leap again and again or do you rather watch others be in the arena and potentially win 10x their invest to boost their impact? “


11 months access to bi-weekly group calls with Liza (Value $45,000) 

Access to the Mastermind Portal (including any and all updates! Value $7,000)
BONUS! Access to Training: Stay in Your Own Lane (Value $222)  
BONUS: secret INSANE bonus for PIF only [Bonus] 6 Figure Leader Training (Value $2,222)

...or get the PARTICIPANT PASS

Access to all of the above, PLUS:

play the 4 elemental games in 4 locations and collect bonuses along the way as you move from your heart to impact humanity
{Value $10,000)

win 10x your investment to re-invest in your vision
{Value $150,000)

334 days access to all things vault, group chat and Liza's brain{Value $150,000

The Story

Masterminds have become: 2 calls a months type of experiences. Calls are great, embodiment is better. To me, the way that masterminds are being held, is boring. I love innovating. I love bridging the gap between business & life. Spirituality & leadership. Travel & entrepreneurship. They are all so similar yet we keep separating them – why? What if, there actually lays true gold in combining them? I have often been asked why I am so brave? Brave to be me? Brave to show up? Brave to go to all kinds of events? Brave to just do? The answer is: I learned to dance with uncertainty. I learned to engage with discomfort. When I traveled to over 35 countries, when I was thrown into boardroom meetings and was asked to share myself…The ‘new’ entrepreneurs just want to have a ‘all done for you service’ when in fact, entrepreneurship is the true choice of living a life beyond boundaries – if you dare to leap.

The Inspiration

The Millionaire Experiment was born out of the various great inspirations: Richard Branson, Mr. Beast, The Yes Theory etc. {why are these all men?} companies that go beyond discomfort to do better in this world. When we start gamifying the experience, we start living more in alignment to our truest core. I was able not only to build a 7-fig business while following my joy but also help others do the same. Yep, we’ve created multiple 7 figures so far collectively from within!!! How amazing would it be, if we create another? Or more?

Yet – the Millionaire Experiment isn’t just a mastermind – it is a movement. 

The Experiment

The Millionaire Experiment is built around five factors:

  • Your Heart’s Desire
  • The Drive to be your best Version
  • A Vision beyond monetary Wealth
  • The natural interest to explore (the world and cultures) and challenge yourself via sports, games and creativity

  • YOUR YES, because love in action only produces…

how to know what to apply for?

The Participant

Game rules!!!!!!

> you must be willing to try uncomfortable challenges
> you must be willing and able to travel and explore (4x in 2024 for 2-5 days)
> you must be working on a vision that is bigger than ‘I’
> you must be interested in challenge yourself, like becoming better and celebrating personal records
> you must be willing to let go of the ordinary
> you must be wanting to create millions for impact
> you must be willing to commit for 11 months
> you must be willing to show up, for you and us
> you must be willing to make everything possible to win the prize via heart {10x your investment}

The Spectator

You feel the call to become the best version of yourself while creating millions to impact not just your life but also others. There is a dream within yourself that says: I WANT MORE. I WANT FREEDOM. I’m sick and tired of circling back and forth in my own hamster wheel and jumping from one course into another, hoping it will elevate me. You want people around you, who too, are here for more, who cheer each other on and learn from each other. You want to stay in your own lane, follow your drum AND be connected to your soul and others. You are not yet ready to be in the spotlight and rather want to learn behind the scenes, knowing that this too leads to your unique success. 

FOR leaders WHO DESIRE   THE  ‘IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE’ EXTRAORDINARY LIFE,  TRANSCENDENT  IMPACT,    internal & external wealth  and  expansional transformation